Wolseley Electric Fencing

We have a great collection of high quality electric fencing, polytape and multiwire polyposts from Wolseley for you to choose from. This Wolseley electric fencing enables you to create a safe, effective and convenient boundary in and around your field which will benefit both you and your horses. These very durable fencing options make life easy for you when it comes to keeping your horses where you want them in a safe and intelligent way.

Why use electric fences

Electrifying your post and rail fencing is a good way to prolong its lifespan whilst keeping your horses safe. Horses sometimes like to scratch themselves on fences. This will soon leads to fences being damaged or coming down. Furthermore, if you use barbed wire, then it can lead to your horses inadvertently harming themselves. Electric fences, on the other hand, do not harm your horses, but the slight buzz of the electric fence simply indicates to the horse that the fence should not be leaned against. Scientific research in recent years has shown that horses are not stressed by the presence of electric fences, so it is a win-win!

Wolseley electric fence polytape

The electric polytape from Wolseley is wide enough to be visually noticeable for equine eyes. This is key, especially when you are setting up electric fencing to stand on its own. The operation is very simple. A metal conductor has been woven into the polytape mesh which carries the electricity. This polytape is easily attached to your post and Rail fencing and can extend its life for a good few years.

Multiwire polyposts and safety handles

As well as the polytape itself, we also stock some multiwire polyposts. These can be used if you are not attaching your electric fencing to pre-existing fences, but rather creating temporarily fenced areas when you need to limit grazing or when you have several groups of horses to turn out. These polyposts are durably made in UV protected plastic and they each offer 8 insulators. You can choose your multiwire polypost to be either in blue or black. We also have bright electric fencing safety gate handles. These come in vibrant colours so that they are always visible, including yellow, pink, green, red and orange.

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