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Crafty Ponies Muck Out Set

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Crafty Ponies Muck Out Set

The Crafty Ponies Muck Out Set helps to keep Crafty Ponies stableyard spick & span, with a yard brush, shovel, wheelbarrow and stable fork.

The Crafty ponies Muck Out Set is packaged in a box with brown paper "straw".

Children Can Learn And Practice

Children can learn and practice the daily routine of cleaning stables and yards and putting tools away safely. Playing with the muck out set helps children to develop their imagination.... and it's fun!


Included in the Muck Out Set is a wheelbarrow, stable fork, shovel, yard brush and "straw". The box turns over to become a large straw bale. In the picture some pretend horse poo, made out of some left over brown dough from the Crafty Ponies Worm Set, is shown. This is not included in the set.

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