High Visibility Horse Essentials

Regardless of the time of day, time of year or prevailing weather conditions it is imperative that horse and rider remain as visible as possible. Riders and horses should use fluorescent and reflective clothing when riding on and off the road. When riding on the road a rider wearing hi-viz can be seen by drivers up to three seconds sooner than a rider without. We stock a good selection of hi-viz products including waistcoats, hat silks, arm/leg bands, fly veils and dog coats.

Convenient and effective designs

For your own safety and for the safety of your lovely equine companion, it is a must to pick up high visibility accessories which your horse can wear. Take a look through this collection and you will see that these hi-viz accessories are of great quality. Items such as the reflective breastplate designs can be easily worn by your horse with ultimate comfort.

Reliable and practical

Hi-viz accessories such as hi-viz fly veils serve a double purpose. They keep your horse's ears bother-free in terms of flies and bugs, whilst they also increase your horse's visible presence to those who might be driving nearby or on the same road or lane as you. Likewise, you can also pick up excellent reflective saddlecloth designs which are great for safety and at the same time increase your horse's comfort under the saddle.

Hi-viz and high quality

These high visibility essentials for horses are really easy to use and some can even be used on both you and your horse. For example, the adjustable reflective wraps can be simply attached around the your horse's lower leg. And they can also be attached just as effectively around your own arms and legs. They are easy to wrap around the arm or leg and are sure to stay there as you go off on your way. The hi-viz tail straps, on the other hand, might just have to be for the horse! There are also reflective bands which work really well along reins, straps and browbands.

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